40 Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 Kurikulum Merdeka

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Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 Kurikulum Merdeka – Anda mengalami kesulitan dalam menyusun soal sumatif Bahasa Inggris kurikulum merdeka? Jangan khawatir, melalui artikel ini BataraGuru.Com akan memberikan referensi contoh soal sumatif akhir semester Bahasa Inggris kurikulum merdeka.

Pengertian Soal Sumatif Kurikulum Merdeka

Menurut Panduan Pembelajaran dan Assesmen, Penilaian atau asesmen sumatif pada jenjang pendidikan dasar dan menengah bertujuan untuk menilai pencapaian tujuan pembelajaran dan/atau CP peserta didik sebagai dasar penentuan kenaikan kelas dan/atau kelulusan dari satuan pendidikan. Penilaian pencapaian hasil belajar peserta didik dilakukan dengan membandingkan pencapaian hasil belajar peserta didik dengan kriteria ketercapaian tujuan pembelajaran.

Sementara itu, pada pendidikan anak usia dini, asesmen sumatif digunakan untuk mengetahui capaian perkembangan peserta didik dan bukan sebagai hasil evaluasi untuk penentuan kenaikan kelas atau kelulusan. Asesmen sumatif berbentuk laporan hasil belajar yang berisikan laporan pencapaian pembelajaran dan dapat ditambahkan dengan informasi pertumbuhan dan perkembangan anak.

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 Kurikulum Merdeka

Contoh Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 disusun berasarkan Capaian Pembelajaran yang tertuang dalam Keputusan Menteri Nomor 262/M/2022 Perubahan atas Keputusan Menteri Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi Nomor 56/M/2022 tentang Pedoman Penerapan Kurikulum Dalam Rangka Pemulihan Pembelajaran.

Selain itu, contoh soal sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 semester 1 kurikulum merdeka ini disesuaikan juga dengan buku siswa Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Kurikulum Merdeka.

Baik, langsung saja simak dan pelajari contoh soal sumatif akhir semester 1 kelas 8 kurikulum merdeka berikut ini.

1. What did Abdul do last weekend?

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1

A) Played soccer
B) Read a book
C) Went hiking
D) Painted a picture.
Answer: B

2. Choose the correct past tense form: “Every day I _ to school.”

A) walks
B) walked
C) walking
D) walk.
Answer: B

3. Which word best completes the sentence? “She felt _ after winning the race.”

A) excited
B) excites
C) exciting
D) excite.
Answer: A

4. Identify the main event in this sentence: “Tom celebrated his birthday with friends.”

A) Friends
B) Celebrated
C) Birthday
D) Tom.
Answer: B

5. What does ‘categorize’ mean?

A) To confuse
B) To classify
C) To create
D) To cancel.
Answer: B

6. What was the climax of the story “The Lost Treasure”?

A) Finding the map
B) The storm at sea
C) Discovering the treasure
D) Returning home.
Answer: C

7. Who is the main character in this story?

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1

A) The king
B) The queen
C) The knight
D) The dragon.
Answer: C

8. In the phrase “as quick as a flash,” what literary device is used?

A) Metaphor
B) Simile
C) Alliteration
D) Hyperbole.
Answer: B

9. Which event happened first in “Alice’s Adventure”?

A) Meeting the Cheshire Cat
B) Falling down the rabbit hole
C) The tea party
D) The trial.
Answer: B

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10. What does the character feel in the line, “He sighed heavily, looking at the setting sun”?

A) Happiness
B) Excitement
C) Sadness
D) Fear.
Answer: C

11. Analyze the character’s motivation in the excerpt from “The Secret Mission.”

A) Curiosity
B) Fear
C) Greed
D) Loyalty.
Answer: A

12. In this dialogue, what is the underlying tone?

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1

A) Sarcasm
B) Anger
C) Enthusiasm
D) Indifference.
Answer: A

13. How does the setting influence the plot in “The Stormy Night”?

A) Creates suspense
B) Adds humor
C) Provides background
D) Introduces characters.
Answer: A

14. What is the theme of “Overcoming Challenges”?

A) Friendship
B) Adventure
C) Perseverance
D) Love.
Answer: C

15. In “The Mystery of the Old Mansion,” what is the significance of the hidden key?

A) Reveals a secret
B) Unlocks a treasure
C) Symbolizes hope
D) Leads to a trap.
Answer: A

16. Choose the correct past tense verb: “Yesterday, I _ a new friend.”

A) make
B) makes
C) made
D) making.
Answer: C

17. Identify the main event in this personal experience: “I lost my wallet but found it under the table.”

A) Lost
B) Wallet
C) Found
D) Table.
Answer: A

18. What can you infer about the speaker’s experience in the sentence, “I nervously stepped onto the stage”?

A) Excited
B) Confident
C) Anxious
D) Angry.
Answer: C

19. Which event occurs first in “The Enchanted Forest”?

A) The discovery of the magic well
B) The encounter with the wizard
C) The forest fire
D) The heroes’ journey begins.
Answer: D

20. What feeling does the main character in “The Invisible Friend” mostly display?

A) Loneliness
B) Anger
C) Joy
D) Surprise.
Answer: A

21. In this part of the story, what is the character’s main action?

A) Searching
B) Escaping
C) Arguing
D) Celebrating.
Answer: B

22. What is the writer’s opinion in the text about school uniforms?

A) Supportive
B) Neutral
C) Critical
D) Indifferent.
Answer: A

23. In the context of school, what does ‘collaborate’ most likely mean?

A) To argue
B) To work together
C) To compete
D) To ignore.
Answer: B

24. Based on this poster, what is the main instruction?

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1

A) Join a club
B) Follow rules
C) Attend meetings
D) Submit assignments.
Answer: A

25. Which action best fits the category of ‘helping others’?

A) Winning a game
B) Borrowing a book
C) Volunteering at a shelter
D) Watching a movie.
Answer: C

26. In the context of a classroom, which is an example of ‘respectful behavior’?

A) Talking loudly
B) Listening when others speak
C) Eating during class
D) Arriving late.
Answer: B

27. From the list, what action is categorized as ‘creative activity’?

A) Solving a math problem
B) Reading a textbook
C) Painting a landscape
D) Memorizing dates.
Answer: C

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28. What should be included in a poster about ‘Recycling at School’?

A) Instructions on how to recycle
B) A story about recycling
C) The history of recycling
D) The definition of recycling.
Answer: A

29. In creating a poster about ‘Healthy Eating’, which of these should be emphasized?

A) The price of food
B) Nutritional benefits
C) Celebrity endorsements
D) Restaurant reviews.
Answer: B

30. What is the main message of this safety poster?

A) Road rules
B) Sports safety
C) Internet security
D) Fire safety.
Answer: D

31. How does the setting in “The Lost City” contribute to the story?

A) It creates a mysterious atmosphere
B) It provides historical context
C) It introduces new characters
D) It adds comedic elements.
Answer: A

32. In “Journey to the Stars,” what is the main conflict?

A) Man vs. Nature
B) Man vs. Self
C) Man vs. Society
D) Man vs. Technology.
Answer: D

33. What is the resolution in the story “The Hidden Treasure”?

A) The treasure is shared with the village
B) The treasure is lost forever
C) The treasure was a legend
D) The treasure causes conflict.
Answer: A

34. What does ‘debate’ typically involve in a school setting?

A) Presenting a performance
B) Discussing different viewpoints
C) Conducting a scientific experiment
D) Competing in sports.
Answer: B

35. When giving an opinion about a book in class, what is most important?

A) The book’s popularity
B) Your personal feelings
C) The author’s background
D) The length of the book.
Answer: B

36. Based on this school event poster, what is being encouraged?

A) Participation in sports
B) Attendance at a concert
C) Volunteering for a charity
D) Joining a study group.
Answer: A

37. In a school context, which action falls under ‘academic responsibility’?

A) Keeping the classroom clean
B) Completing homework on time
C) Participating in extracurricular activities
D) Having lunch with friends.
Answer: B

38. Which of these is an example of ‘social skill’ in school?

A) Solving complex math problems
B) Playing a musical instrument
C) Making a presentation
D) Working in a team.
Answer: D

39. In the scenario of a school project, what action is categorized as ‘leadership’?

A) Following instructions
B) Delegating tasks
C) Asking for help
D) Working independently.
Answer: B

40. What is the main instruction in this environmental awareness poster?

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1

A) Planting trees
B) Reducing water usage
C) Recycling materials
D) Saving electricity.
Answer: C

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